Networking That Works

-Blog entry from Rotarian Andrew Vass, Past President Rotary Club of Northbrook

True Networking is a process. You have to first focus on helping OTHERS, trusting that over time, you will benefit from it all. The Networking Grid is a tool to help District members provide Qualified referrals to other members. What gets written down gets done. If you know that daily and once a week, you have to make note of how many referrals you give, it’s on top of your mind.

Here is the difference between a QUALIFIED and an UN-QUALIFIED referral:

Say my wife and I are at my neighbor’s home on a Sunday afternoon, watching football with three other couples. During the game, one of them says their in-laws are coming over in a week and they must clean their carpets, floors and upholstery. Here are two ways to act:

  1. I say nothing, continue watching the game with my food, drink and friends…and later that day, email my friend Lyle, who provides such services, to call the neighbor.
  2. I say: “My friend Lyle runs a great carpet, floor and upholstery cleaning service! I’ve known him for years. When should I have him call you?”

If she says, “Tomorrow.” …..then I later email Lyle to call her the next day….and SHE IS EXPECTING THE CALL. Asking when he/she should call is vital.

BOTTOM LINE: The more referrals you GIVE, the more you will RECEIVE. The Grid should be used every week and then reviewed at the end of the month. It works.

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