Origins of The Rotary Network

Like many origin stories for new ventures, it began with a difficulty that needed solving. That difficulty was the Covid-19 crisis and the problem was from a Rotarian who reached out to his district.

A Rotarian sent an email to Marshall Schmitt, Immediate Past President of Rotary One, and additional leaders about his business struggles during the Covid-19 crisis. Even though this individual has had a very successful career, they were struggling to find a job. The email also included two words that resonated with leaders: “Where’s Rotary”?

As people of action, Rotarians from Districts 6440 and 6450 got together and decided that this issue needed to be addressed. Thus began The Rotary Network, which is a place for Rotarians to gather together to find career services, network with fellow Rotarians, post to a business directory, find financial information, and to share ideas on this blog.

To learn more about the origins of The Rotary Network, please view this video:

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